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Texas Animal Medical Center | Veterinarian | Waco, TX

Full-Service Veterinary Care for Your Pet

Texas Animal Medical Center provides veterinary services for small animals and exotic pets to Waco and surrounding areas.

Dr. Lu Ann Ervin provides mobile

veterinary services and offers house calls for many situations.

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Receive 15% OFF pet dentistry

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Office Pet boarding Dog park

• Declawing

• Laser surgery

• Allergy testing and treatments

We are the only

24-hour emergency animal clinic in Waco. Call us any time and we'll be there

for you.

Veterinary services

Our veterinary

care includes spaying and neutering, surgery, vaccinations and

microchip implants.

A walk in the *dog* park

The 5.5 acre Hot Dog Park is part of the center, and is a

great place for your dog to run and enjoy the fresh air.

Around-the-clock service

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